A slice of mystery

Basilico has been feeding Londoners with high quality wood-fire pizzas for 20 years. With 12 takeaway stores across the capital, they have been the choice of the pizza lover for a generation – including the Goldfish team!

Basilico came to Goldfish with a need to improve their marketing activities. Building on that, they wanted to reimagine the business in a Deliveroo world where restaurant quality food is now available for delivery, for every cuisine, everywhere. They recognised that they had lost their USP. But how to get their (rounded) edge back?

They came to Goldfish to understand their customers and their changing tastes. 

What could be a sustainable business model for them, their investors, their franchisees and their customers?

To do that we needed to understand everyone involved. What we discovered was a bigger problem than marketing. Something wasn’t right. We began to look into the rest of the business too. We discovered problems that the existing management hadn’t noticed, that explained what had been happening to their sales and their position in the market.

Goldfish have shown real intelligence and grit to get to the root of our problems. They gain crucial insights that we miss and always come up with smart solutions. No matter what the issue they have taken it on with the commitment of partners, not just a marketing agency.

Tim Alanthwaite, owner and chair of Basilico

What we delivered
  • Getting to the root of the problem

    By understanding human nature and asking the right questions we got to the bottom of the issue with the business model, which was not just marketing, it was more fundamental. We ended up taking on the role of interim MD to fix it.

  • Create a marketing strategy that acquires new customers cost effectively, with a limited budget

    We first looked at the UX on the current website as the main sales engine. We made changes which increased conversion 100%. We then tested a range of marketing channels to find a way of acquiring customers for less than the profit of a pizza.

  • Social reach

    We developed a unique social media strategy to engage existing and prospective customers that created new growth and brand awareness.

  • Design a sustainable business model which will take Basilico through the next 20 years

    Watch this space…